Our Cycling Stars!


In October, a group of beginners took up the challenge of getting back onto a bike after many years.

Some had not cycled due to health reasons, some due to lack of opportunity or confidence.

After an initial assessment and a bit of confidence building, all cyclists were off, and taking in the beautiful autumnal scenery that the Taff Trail has to offer.

By the third week, the group were able to bring along their children, the youngest just two years old. The group continue to cycle together each week, come rain or shine!

6 Year old Eva, and her teddy ‘Paddington’, joined her mum, Julie using a tag along bike. Julie had not ridden a bike for 30 years, until now.

This is Eva’s story, in her own words.

‘Paddington went on a bike ride with me and my mum. Paddington enjoyed looking at the squirrels as he went long.

He got little scared because it was a wobbly and fast bike ride! but in the end he really enjoyed it. Paddington said ‘Wheeeee!!’ as he cycled down the little hills. He liked going over the bridge very much, and he got so wet as it was raining, and he was soaking!

Paddington loved going through the puddles. It was a very fun day and he loved it so much!’

To join in the fun and get involved, regardless of age, experience or confidence, contact Denise at ACE


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