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Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested: in volunteering and want to find out more – please view ACE Volunteering page.
Telephone no.: 02920 003132

We are recruiting for the following:

Pantry Driver Volunteer

We need volunteers to support the ACE staff member running this project, who can drive the ACE electric van to drop off food to approximately 10 families per week.
You do need to have a full current driving licence for this role.

Pantry Driver – Volunteer Role.pdf


Diana Garden Volunteer

We are looking for volunteers (18+) to support Diana Garden development worker in a variety of ways. We are looking for someone who would enjoy being outdoors, previous gardening experience isn’t necessary. You will learn a lot about growing and maintaining a garden. You will be also welcome to join in a variety of educational and creative activities.

Diana Garden Volunteer – Volunteer Role.pdf

Youth Support Volunteer

We are looking for support for the ACE Youth team running weekly Youth Club sessions, and weekly street-based & outreach sessions are held across Caerau.

Youth Support Volunteer – Volunteer Role.pdf

Walking Group Volunteer

We are looking for someone who enjoys being outdoors, and likes walking. As a walking group volunteer, you will work with the lead walking group volunteer to ensure that there is support for walkers with various walking abilities.

Walking Group – Volunteer Role.pdf


For employment opportunities, please go to our Job Vacancies page.


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