Who We Are

Who We Are

ACE is about people working together to build community and to improve their own, and each other’s, lives.  We rely on the skills, knowledge and good will of our trustees (elected from amongst our members), our volunteers and our staff (many of whom live locally).  You can learn more about them here!

Our Trustees

The ACE Board of Trustees have overall control of the charity and are responsible for making sure it’s doing what it was set up to do.  The board meet monthly to discuss the development, delivery and finances of the organisation.  With a mix of skills, expertise and experience the board provide a firm structure to enable ACE to succeed in its charitable purpose.

Marian Dixey​

Marian lives in Fairwater. She has worked for the NHS for over 30 years. She started volunteering on a Good Neighbours scheme and is now involved in her local PACT group and sits on the Timeplace steering committee. She is committed to supporting a multi-agency response to local issues.

Martin Hulland

Martin is the head teacher at our new Cardiff West Community High School. He has been working hard to engage the local community as he seeks to work collaboratively to create a world class educational establishment. He has been teaching since 1994 and a Senior Leader since 2003.

Helen McCarthy

Helen lives in Ely and her parents are from Ely. She and her husband set up a successful haulage company where she has been a company director and office manager. She has also been active on school governing bodies and Parent Teacher Associations. She volunteers on ACE’s CAER Heritage project and sits on the project’s management committee.

Jean O’Keefe

Jean attended Windsor Clive Primary School and has lived in Ely and Caerau since she the age of 3. She has volunteered on a number of local projects including: Ely Grapevine, Ely Festival, Ely Wheelies cycling group, and summer play groups at Western Leisure Centre. She acts as the vicar’s warden at St David’s Church, Caerau. She is a member of the Timeplace Steering Committee and a strong advocate of co-production principles.

Anne O’Regan

Vice Chair

Anne lives in Caerau. She worked for 32 years in the NHS in both community and hospital environments. She was also an equalities officer for Unison and is passionate about equalities issues. She brings expertise in Human Resource management.

James Roach

James lives in Ely. He is an active volunteer and contributes finance skills.

Oonagh Scott

Oonagh grew up in Ely. She is a local business Owner.

Mel Witherden


Mel is a retired community development consultant with 40 years’ experience in the voluntary sector. He has worked as an advisor and volunteer with ACE since 2012. His work in Wales has included establishing development trusts and supporting Communities First projects. He is the author of books on developing social enterprises and running charities.

Our Staff Team

Michelle Powell


Dave Horton


Anna-Elyse Young

Curiosity Youth Support Officer

Becci Booker

Arts Development Officer

Becki Miller

Senior Development Officer
– Working Well

Becky Matyus

ACE Arts Sustainability and Accessibility Officer

Charlotte McCarthy

Caer Community Development Coordinator

Charlie Jones

Youth Support Worker

Christina Evans

Wellbeing Connector

Dale Ovenstone

Estates Officer

Danielle Afferion

Youth Worker

Donna Hurley

Working Well Development Officer

Fiona McCormick

Training Development Officer / Health Team Administrator

George Keane

Communications and Web Content Officer / Dusty Shed Officer

Hannah Bees

Youth Support Worker

Hasan Roap

ACE Finance Officer

Hazel Cryer

ACE Health and Wellbeing Coordinator / Operational and Development Manager

Harriet Cleal

ACE Cares Development Officer

Helen Bull

Volunteer Development Officer

James Thomas

Wellbeing Connector

Janine Campbell

Community Health Development Worker

Julie Evans

ACE Senior Administrator

Jumah Mpakulah

Senior Youth Worker

Lynette Hartman

Wellbeing Connector

Mags Lyons

Senior Wellbeing Officer / Yourspace Coordinator

Maria Ross

Assistant Administrator

Nerys Sheehan

Senior Development Officer - Community Support / Working Well

Nicola Parsons

Community Arts Coordinator

Rachel Hart

ACE Cares Development Officer

Rosie Freeman

Hidden Hillfort Curator

Sabrina Driscoll

Macmillan Development Officer / GriefSpace Facilitator

Sam Froud-Powell

Community Support Coordinator / Operational and Development Manager

Sarah Griffiths

Together for Trowbridge and St. Mellons Development Officer

Scott Bees

Benthyg Development Officer

Sharon McGrath

ACE Receptionist / ACE Fuel Voucher Administrator

Stacie Leek

Community Support Assistant / Food Project Officer / Fridge Officer

Taela-Mae Davies

Macmillan Development Officer / Project Coordinator

Vaida Barzdaite

Community Health Development Worker / Diana Garden Development Officer

Olly Davies

Archaeological & Project Director for CAER Heritage

ACE Vacancies

If you are interested in working for ACE, please view our Job Vacancies page to see current roles available.
Volunteers of the Growing Club at the Community Garden.


ACE offers a range of volunteering opportunities far from the normal volunteering placement. We work with the volunteers to co-produce a role together. This way of working is an integral way of ACE working, for both the volunteer and organisation. ACE is built on working on people’s strengths and offers the chance to develop and empower people to reach their full potential.

Activities such as:

  • Setting up or supporting a community group
  • Attending community courses,
  • Working together to spread the word of ace,
  • Building a community garden together,
  • Supporting and growing the community together,
  • Having pride in your area with clean ups

And much, much more – earning Time Credits along the way!

Please read our ACE Volunteering page, for more information on volunteering, or view our Volunteer Opportunities, to see what is available. 


We have a wide range of partnerships and collaborations to help us deliver a range of activities supporting the social wellbeing and the economy of our communities.

Please view our Partners page to see who we work with.


Becoming an ACE Member

The benefits: When you join ACE you automatically become a member of Timeplace too, which means you can earn time credits for your efforts in the community.  Members who are over 18 can vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and can put themselves forward for election to the board of trustees.  Every registered member receives an invitation to the AGM with information on making nominations to the board.

All members are asked to make the following pledge:

 I will…

Act with others to help make Ely and Caerau an ace place to live.

Care for the streets and parks and places we share as a community.

Encourage my family, friends and neighbours to do the same.

How to be an ACE Member

To become a member of ACE, please fill in the ACE Membership Form and send to info@aceplace.org or bring to the ACE reception at:

Our Place : Dusty Forge,
460 Cowbridge Rd W, Cardiff CF5 5BZ.

ACE Code of Conduct

ACE members are expected to abide by a simple Code of Conduct which you can view here

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