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Join ACE's
fun activities with Cardiff City's
'Summer of Smiles'.

We are pleased to announce ACE’s activities as part of Cardiff City Council’s ‘Summer of Smiles’ festival for 2021, aim to give children and young people a range of opportunities during the summer months.

Our Work

The historic pub, The Dusty Forge, is a community hub, offering community shop, advice, cafe, training, and much more. 

Projects that support people’s health and wellbeing.

Talk to us about the range of training we offer, from safety on construction sites, social care and food hygiene.

Helping local communities reduce their shopping bill, through our membership scheme.

Discover history & archaeology of the local area, which includes an Iron Age Hillfort.

Dusty Forge clothes bank and community shop.

A monthly pop-up, offering a friendly free repair and re-use service, supported by Repair Cafe Wales.

We run a community shop and clothes bank and deliver a range of health, wellbeing and financial drop-in support events and programmes for all ages and all needs. We help local people improve their life chances by working closely with schools and youth organisations and we run a successful training and skills enterprise. We work with the community to organise and get involved with our programmes, including local arts and heritage programmes.

CAER T-Shirts for sale!

CAER Studio guest artist Charlotte Granjon, has created this amazing design based on Ely Roman Villa.

See how ACE has made a difference to our community and their lives.

See our Annual Report. We work on the basis that local communities know what help they need the most. See our Strategy and impact reports to find out how we work, what we do and our results.

Support our work by donating, fundraising, volunteering and partnering with us.


Did you know that you can now make a donation to ACE?  
Whether one off, or a monthly commitment, your support will help sustain and grow local action.

Our Mission and Vision

To create vibrant, equal and resilient communities for all, where people find fulfilment in themselves, each other, and the place where they live.

What does our community say about ACE?

“ACE and The Dusty helped me out with food bank vouchers when I was left quite destitute for a fair few weeks. I’m enjoying the Dusty Sheds [Men in Sheds] project at the moment and I think I have abilities to offer in that work as I trained as an engineer with British Rail and I’m a fully qualified electrician and mechanic. I’m now giving something back.” Jack

“If I’m unsure about anything, money, bills, housing or the kids and school, I pop into The Dusty as they know the listen, don’t judge and that they can help me.” Emma

Find out what's happening at
the Dusty Forge: Our Place

Find out what’s happening via our blog and calendar pages, for events, activities and training.

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Help to support our communities by donating to us.
Make a one off payment, or a monthly commitment.
Your support will help sustain and grow our local action.