The Dusty’s New Repair Cafe Forges Ahead


The new repair cafe at the Dusty Forge has run several successful pop-up events recently offering a new FREE REPAIR service. Our growing team of volunteer ‘fixers’ have dealt with wonky buggy wheels, wobbly bike wheels and brakes, lamps, tablets, heaters, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners and steamers, kettles, coffee machines, TVs and remote controls.

We’ve given advice on sewing machine repairs, mended bags, revamped prom dresses and checked trouser hems. Now we’re offering free repairs and alterations for school uniforms plus crafty patching to brighten up your old denims. And try us for simple jewellery repairs…

Our Repair Cafe Pops Up at the Dusty Forge on the fourth Saturday of each month 10am-1pm. Thanks to ACE funding for their Working Well project we now offer FREE BREAKFASTS to repair cafe visitors arriving between 10am and 11am. Our volunteer fixers can’t guarantee success every time, but our volunteer ‘hosts’ offer a warm welcome and recommend coming early for a cuppa while you ‘bag’ a place in the queue and maybe learn some new skills. And now we offer some FREE replacement items (such as kettles and vacuum cleaners – subject to availability) for repair cafe visitors whose broken item can’t be repaired and if their everyday household budget is tight.


So if you want to join our growing team of volunteer fixers and hosts, or if you’re clearing out cupboards or your shed and want to donate any spare items of household equipment in working order (e.g. kettles, toasters. vacuum cleaners – though NOT microwaves) please email Dave Horton via and we’ll get straight back to you.

Unite Community Cardiff & Area branch has partnered with Action in Caerau & Ely (ACE) to set up this repair cafe at ‘the Dusty’ on Cowbridge Road West (CF5 5BZ). Branch members have been involved as volunteer hosts welcoming visitors with their broken items. Unite’s local services and utilities branch donation has covered the cost of a PAT tester and funds light refreshments. Repair Cafe Wales continues to provide vital support to our team of volunteers. You’re very welcome to join in!!

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