Energy Home Visits

Energy Home Visits

To book a energy home visit please contact Corey McDevitt on 02920 003132, 07885 914074 or e-mail

Volunteer Energy Coaches help residents save money!

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ACE are running a free home energy advice service, providing practical support to help you take control of your energy costs.

Home visits are carried out by trained advisors who will give your home an energy check-up and provide practical money saving advice.  Our advisors are independent, impartial energy experts who can help with:
  • Checking your home energy use and recommending actions most likely to save you money.
  • Making sure you are getting the financial support you are entitled to.  This includes applications to Warm Home Discount (worth £140 / year), fuel debt relief and grants for energy saving home improvements.
  • Getting the best deal on your energy and helping with switching tariffs and payment methods.
Visits are free to anyone living in Ely, Caerau and Fairwater / Pentrebane and usually last 1 – 1 ½ hours. We can arrange visits for a time that suits you.
 Free energy saving kits
Everyone having a home energy visit will receive a free pack of energy saving devices (worth around £40).  The items included in the pack will depend on what’s needed but typically include:
  • Low energy bulbs – we provide the latest technology LED bulbs which are much brighter and even lower energy than traditional energy efficient bulbs
  • Radiator panels – reflect 95% of the wasted heat from the rear of a radiator back into your room
  • Remote control plugs – turns your appliances off at the plug to stop wasting electricity by leaving them on standby
  • Draughtproofing materials – help keep your home cosy and can make a big saving on heating bills too
  • Electricity monitor – helps you see how much you are spending and what appliances use the most

Hi I’m Corey, I live in Caerau and I’ve beenInline images 1 working on the ACE home energy advice project for the last 9 months.   The best thing about doing the advice visits is feeling you make a real difference by helping people save money on their energy costs.

People often think there is nothing they can do about rising energy bills, but through this project we can help people take practical actions to use less energy and get a better deal from suppliers.


To book a home visit contact Corey or Sam on 02920 003132               Email:

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