Cardiff Winter Crisis Fund 2022

Cardiff Winter Crisis Fund

Thousands of people in Cardiff are already making impossible choices between eating enough and keeping the electricity on – even before the cold weather hits.

24,000 people in employment in Cardiff (11.7%) earn less than £9.90 an hour. The real living wage – which is how much you need to earn to actually get by – just went up to £10.90 an hour. At ACE we’re seeing our neighbours struggling under the cost of living crisis every day, and we’re doing everything we can to help.

Please make a donation to our Cardiff Winter Crisis Fund –

ACE volunteer, Jamie, told us: “I use a portion of my PIP [disability benefits] money to help my parents pay towards gas, electric and water, because they’re struggling to put food on our plates. My mother is having to feed us boys first and her at the end, I hate it when she does it but she chooses to do it to keep us safe.”

ACE (Action in Caerau and Ely) is raising money to support people struggling this winter in 3 ways:

1. Cardiff Fuel Bank – Distributing fuel vouchers for people on pre-payment meters across the whole city
2. Warm and Well at home boxes – delivering practical warm clothes and wellbeing support to vulnerable community members
3. Warm up socials – inviting folk into our warm Dusty Forge centre every week for free soup and company with friends old and new

This is alongside our regular activities – including crisis support to access grants and get advice with bills, our food pantry, clothes bank and community cafe (all run by volunteers) and our many projects to support health and wellbeing.

Every donation makes an enormous difference to peoples’ physical and mental wellbeing.

Please consider donating to our Cardiff Winter Crisis Fund here if you are able to, and share the appeal with your friends.

Thank you.

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