CAER Big Dig launch – Mon 6th July

CAER Big Dig - family dig

From Monday 6th July, we kick off the CAER Big Dig.
Here’s your chance to take part in your own archaeological excavation in your own garden. We’ll help you uncover the hidden history under the gardens of Caerau and Ely!

With the UK on lockdown, none of us can get out and about much, so we are inviting you to join us on an EXPLORATION OF THE PAST all from the comfort of your own home! Its free to take part.

CAER Big Dig wants to get community members to carry out a ‘test pit’ – digging a small 1 square metre hole ­- in their back gardens, to find out more about the life of the communities around the hillfort. We would really appreciate your support in getting involved, and please share and like your findings on social media posts over the next couple of weeks.
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WATCH – Olly talking about the things you might find in your garden! –

What if you can’t dig?
If you don’t have a garden or are unable to physically dig, and would like to know about the modern history of the people living in Caerau and Ely through the objects they have in their homes – then go to the CAER Cupboard Archaeology. Here, you can learn about the stories behind found objects.

It is free to take part – local people who sign up will receive a pack which includes all the guidance and basic equipment they’ll need to dig and record their test pit. A digital pack is also downloadable for anyone who is interested but does not reside in Caerau and Ely.

To find out the full details on CAER Big Dig, go to to find out more. You get all the instructions, how to dig your test pit, what kind of objects you might find, and what to do with them.

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Go to CEAR Heritage on Facebook to see more on the big dig and more on CAER history.

This event is one of a series taking place this year to mark the centenary of Archaeology at Cardiff University.

For further information on the Big Dig from Cardiff University you can read their media statement here.

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