ACE Volunteer Fund starts again for 2022!

ACE Volunteer Fund - Local Primary School Team

In 2021, we launched a new community fund called ACE Volunteering Fund. Its job is to help and support community and activity volunteer groups, in our local areas of Ely and Caerau.

Last year, we were happy to give our help to 8 projects. These were:

  • sports and social activities for young children,
  • local people helping the environment
  • and health activities for older people.

It’s been brilliant to share our knowledge with these projects.  We’re delighted to assist a range of community projects in our local community. Thank you!

Please see below for a couple of groups who have received funds from the ACE Volunteer Fund previously, what they spent it on and how it has made a difference to their groups.


When does it begin?

We now start the funding  rounds for this coming year 2022 – 23, which begins on Monday 3rd October .  The funding’s aim is to:

‘fund voluntary community projects to create, support, operate and flourish local initiatives’.

So, we are looking for new and existing projects, activities and groups to help this year! If you are a member of a local group, or know of a worthwhile community activity – please get in touch!

Every six months we will grant funds to four different projects. These will be three pots of £250 and one pot of £500. Funds can be for start-up costs, running costs or one off event costs.

Working together in the community is at the heart of what we do. Action in Caerau and Ely want to encourage people to use their skills and resources; helping to support opportunities that meet local needs and achieve lasting positive change.


How do I apply?

Get in touch and talk to us, if:

  • You are a local voluntary group in the areas of Ely and Caerau.
  • Your activities take place in the areas of Ely and Caerau.

We would like to hear from you and about the work you are doing!

The application deadline is Monday 31st October.

For further information, to talk about the fund and its guidelines, or to receive an application form:

Tel: 029 2000 3132
Or go to ACE Volunteer Fund page.
Visit the ACE website,


Examples of how recipients used AVF funding

Please read below about a couple of groups who have previously received funding from the ACE Volunteer Fund:


10th Ely Rainbows:

‘We would like to thank the team at ACE for the financial support and enthusiasm’

Some of the areas that the money was spent on:

Hiring the building

We were able to hire the Trelai sports pavilion for the term with the funding from ACE


We have also been able to purchase bags, badge books and COVID safe resources such as soap and hand sanitiser for the new term. The funding was extremely useful for making sure we had these basic essentials to be able to run the sessions with the girls. We also bought stationery and crafting resources.


We used funding to purchase promise badges, theme awards and other badges so that the girls can work through the stages of the Rainbows programme


We focused on camping and what we would need to bring in our suitcase if we were going on a camping holiday. One of the badges we completed this term was the electromagnetics badge. We were able to purchase these badges for each one of the girls We learnt about magnets and made mazes for bees to fly through, these should work with fridge magnets! We also learnt about some ladies who work with electromagnetism.

Summer BBQ

One of the last activities of the term was kitchen-less cooking. We taught the girls how to cook pizza hot pockets on disposable BBQs and we also made marshmallow smores. We were able to use the money to purchase the food ingredients and the equipment to do the cooking.


Cardiff West AFC:

Some of the areas that the money was spent on:

Coaching qualifications

In order to comply with insurance and the Football Association of Wales requirements, one of the new coaches had to undergo a DBS check, as well as complete a Football Leaders Award, First Aid Award and Safeguarding Award through the relevant sporting body. The funding provided by the ACE Volunteer Fund has enabled us to cover the costs of these requirements, as well as continue to provide the children of Caerau and Ely with continuous football. As a result, we have even been able to offer more youngsters in the area the opportunity to join our team ahead of the new season.

Christmas party

Since the club formed back in 2020, we have never been able to hold a bonding event for our club. The children knew each other as a football team only. We wanted to bring the children of both our U9 and U10’s team together, and form friendships within the group and bring a sense of togetherness around the club. We booked a Christmas get together at Hollywood Bowl at Cardiff Bay, which included a game of bowling, followed by food for the children. We also took the opportunity to present the children with souvenir medals to thank them for the hard work since joining us. Before the bonding session, both teams were regularly losing games by large margins and looked disjointed on the field. Since the party, the children have formed friendships which has been incredible to watch blossom and there are a lot more smiles when we see them each week. The children have met other children from the club outside of football and our training sessions look more than just a kick of the ball, but a game of football amongst lifelong friends. Since the start of the year, we have seen a vast improvement on the pitch, with both teams managing to rack up some impressive wins and are now a lot more competitive and working for each other. The children now encourage and talk to each other during games and help the team improve, which is something that was not visible prior to the Christmas party. The ACE Volunteer Fund has helped to build the club into a family friendly and orientated team, that offer more than just football, but a place to meet friends and have fun.

Portable football goals

We used the ACE Volunteer Fund to purchase more portable goals to take to and from matches. These goals came with a carry case which had a shoulder strap, which enabled our coach to be able to not only transport them to the games easily, but to also set them up in record time to be able to get the kids ready and warmed up as they arrived. Previously, our coach was arriving to the venue over an hour early, just to set the goals up.


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