ACE launches Annual Report 2021-22 and Crowdfunder

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We’re celebrating 12 years at the heart of our community with the launch of our Annual Report for 2021-22. Grab a cuppa and read it here – it’s packed with stories from volunteers and staff, along with insights into all of our projects and future plans. We’re busier than ever in our work to create ‘vibrant, equal and resilient communities for all, where people find fulfillment in themselves, each other, and the place where they live’.

Here’s a sneak peak of some of the stories in our report:

“I live alone and it gets lonely but I keep coming to ACE.  If you’re feeling down, there’s always someone there willing to listen, and talk to you, tell you how you can get involved if you want to. It’s a big help, it’s a good place to be.” – Keith

“I think the most significant thing that ACE gives me is a sense of belonging. It’s knowing that there is a place for you in the world… making me feel I’ve got something to offer.” – Elaine

“Being involved in ACE has broadened my horizons, like, the possibilities of what life can look like… I have hope now, whereas I didn’t before. Because I see more of a value in myself now. The impact of ACE has rippled through everything in my life.” – Harriet

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Donate to ACE and Co-op will double it!

Through March, we have a fantastic opportunity to double any donations made to ACE. Our Crowdfunder will support our frontline team responding to the cost of living crisis, and enable us to offer free breakfasts to everyone who comes to our Crisis Hour for advice. Thanks to Co-op’s Warm spaces funding boost, we can access match funding for all donations up to £250.

Please donate if you are able, and share the Crowdfunder page (including a new video!) with friends and family. 

Why ACE needs donations

“We are confronted now with the race to respond to the needs of desperate families who have come through the ravages of Covid only to be plunged into a cost of living crisis and chronic food and fuel poverty. ACE has mustered an array of measures, including cheap food at the Pantry and Café Barr, weekly crisis advice “clinics”, low-cost equipment hire at the Library of Things, big increases in the distribution of fuel vouchers for struggling households, and a “warm bank” refuge. 

Of course, some of the power to provide answers to the terrible times many community members are facing lies with politicians. But at least I’m confident that ACE will be doing everything possible to grow our capacity to help wherever we can, so our community can do more than survive – we can thrive together with dignity.”

Thank you for your support!

Together, we are making a huge difference in our community.
Your support, contributions, energy, time and donations make all of this possible. Please read, donate and share far and wide!
Thank you.

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