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We are so grateful to have been back up and running for the past few weeks since the last lockdown and we’d like to thank all our participants for the wonderful artwork that has been produced during such a transitional phase of our project! During our current ‘Me & My Space’ project we’ve been exploring our surroundings, what inspires us to be creative and taking a ‘person centred approach’ that allows all our participants to work at their own pace and gives everyone an opportunity to learn new creative skills they’ve always wanted to try!

Throughout this time we’ve been enjoying utilising our new workshop, now equip with a kiln for pottery, lots of fantastic storage, a sink and windows (which, as some of you will know, were lacking in our old workshop!!) We’ve been through so many changes, as our 10 month Arts Council Wales project has come up against all sorts of barriers due to Covid, but we’ve adapted and evolved during this time and are currently working to full capacity, with 26 participants, in 6 small covid safe groups over 2 days a week.

One of our participants said recently ‘I wasn’t sure about coming along for the first time, but now I have it’s taken all my aches and pains away. I’ve really enjoyed myself!!’

In addition to our core work, our project coordinator has also been working creatively with our ACE ‘Grief Space’ project, exploring ways we might use creativity as an emotional support tool for grief. This has been really successful so far and some incredibly beautiful work has been produced. During feedback participants said ‘Having permission to feel those feelings made it special. There’s a link between sharing stories, giving opportunities, viewing and making artwork – acknowledging that you feel a certain way and letting the artwork tell a narrative – I love the process of it all, art helped me a lot’

You can find our ‘Creative Grief Space’ online exhibition here: Creative Grief Space Gallery (@creativegriefspace) • Instagram photos and videos

We are currently winding down for the summer, but hoping to be back up and running in September so please get in touch in the autumn if you’d like to participate.  We will also be running some children’s activities (dates TBC) over the summer as part of ‘Summer of Smiles’.

Finally, we’re so excited to be exhibiting our ‘Me & My Space’ project work at the ‘Your Voice’ exhibition that will be held at the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay from July 19th – August 29th 2021. It will be open to the public if anyone would like to visit. We’re so proud of all the work, we can’t wait to see it on display!

You can view our ACE Arts work online here: (20+) ACE Arts | Facebook

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