Daily ArchivesFebruary 5, 2020

The Dusty’s New Repair Cafe Forges Ahead standard

The new repair cafe at the Dusty Forge has run several successful pop-up events recently offering a new FREE REPAIR service. Our growing team of volunteer ‘fixers’ have dealt with wonky buggy wheels, wobbly bike wheels and brakes, lamps, tablets, heaters, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners and steamers, kettles, coffee machines, TVs and remote controls. We’ve given advice on sewing machine repairs, mended bags, revamped prom dresses and checked trouser hems. Now we’re offering free repairs and alterations for school uniforms plus crafty patching to brighten up your old denims. And try us for simple jewellery repairs… Our Repair Cafe Pops Up at the Dusty Forge on the fourth Saturday of each month 10am-1pm. Thanks to ACE funding for their Working ...

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