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ACE was set up to develop and deliver a range of different projects and activities to regenerate and improve the communities of Ely and Caerau.  Work now includes a wide range of activities, from delivering the Welsh Government Communities First programme in Cardiff West, to working with individuals to help support and encourage community shaped ideas.


  • Community projects
  • The Communities First Programme
  • Community Ambassadors Project
  • CAER Heritage Project
  • Community facilities at Our Place: Dusty Forge
  • Campaigning
  • Cardiff and Vale Citizens
  • ACE leads efforts to secure living wage employment in South Wales.

ACE continues to deliver a wide range of activities under the Welsh Government’s Communities First programme.  The organisation has also developed a number of projects with community members and partners funded from other sources.  These include the Community Ambassadors project, the award winning CAER Heritage Project and Timeplace.


ACE has recently acquired a local historic building from Cardiff Council.  Our Place: Dusty Forge provides an exciting opportunity to develop new projects and activities with local people at their heart.  It is rapidly becoming a home for a diverse collection of community groups and individuals who are learning to co-operate and act together towards common goals.


ACE acts on a commitment to social justice as a member of Cardiff and Vale Citizens (part of the Citizens UK alliance).  Approximately 100 local organisations, including churches, universities, schools, mosques, unions and community groups, campaign together on a range of issues which impact on our communities.  ACE leads efforts to secure living wage employment in South Wales.

Projects & Activties

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Communities First

Click the button below for information on the Communities First programme for Cardiff West (Ely, Caerau, Fairwater and Pentrebane).

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