From left to right – Simon Murray, Becky Wright, John Hallett, Sam Froud-Powell, Helena Jones, Dave Horton, Ruth McDonald, Nerys Sheehan, Michelle Powell, Dean Jones, Fiona Robinson, Taela-Mae Davies, Rachel Davies, Carey Davies, Nicola Brydon, Donna Hurley, Linsay Jones, Hazel Cryer, Tazmin Rowe-Anthony, Hasan Roap, Julie Evans, Becki Donaldson and Carly Whelpley.

For contact details of staff members please see the Communities First page.

Staff Roles

John Hallett

Cluster Manager

Michelle Powell

Deputy Cluster Manager / Prosperous Coordinator / CfW Manager

Dave Horton

ACE Development Manager

Hasan Roap

CF Finance Officer

Fiona Robinson

Programme Administrator (Office Manager)

Julie Evans

Finance and Monitoring Assistant

Billy Mainprize

Estates Manager Dusty Forge

Simon Murray

Community Training Officer

Carey Davies

Community Enterprise Officer

Sam Froud-Powell

Community Energy Coordinator

Corey McDevitt

Assistant Energy Advisor

Donna Hurley

Communities for Work (CfW) Adult Mentor

Helena Jones

Communities for Work Youth Mentor

Linsay Jones

CfW Parent Employment Advisor

Matthew Roberts

CfW Community Employment Advisor

Hywel Price

CfW Community Employment Advisor

Hazel Cryer

Health and Wellbeing Coordinator

Denise Farrant

Community Health Officer

Sam Holt

Community Health Officer (Gardening/Walking)

Carly Whelpley

Community Mental Health Officer

Nerys Sheehan

Financial Wellbeing Officer

Ruth McDonald

Federation Schools & Community Learning Coordinator

Becki Miller

Family Learning Officer

Tazmin Rowe-Anthony

Community Learning Officer

Nicola Brydon

Community Focus Schools Officer

Taela-Mae Davies

CIP Coordinator

George Keane

Communications Officer

Dean Jones

Youth Participation Officer

Kimberley Jones

Community Engagement Officer,
CAER Young Peoples’ Opportunities Project

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