The Learning Team provides support to all the schools in Ely, Caerau, Fairwater and Pentrebane to help raise educational outcomes. Programmes include out of school hours, extra-curricular and transition interventions as well as family learning, parent engagement and community learning courses.

The learning teams objectives are:

To promote a culture of learning within our communities where everyone regardless of age or ability is encouraged to recognise their own potential and is supported to reach it.

  1. Support young people to do well at school
  2. Support families to be engaged in their children’s education
  3. Deliver Lifelong Learning in Communities
  4. Improve Adult Life Skills

For further information on learning activities, please contact ACE Learning Team on 02920 003132, info@elycaerau.com
To find out more, please use the following links:

New School – Cardiff West Community High School
Adult Community Learning
Parent & Family Community Events

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