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ACE & Grow Cardiff currently have a social prescribing service in place with the following GP practices: –

In these practices, staff are able to issue slips to patients with details of local groups, activities and services that could help to enhance their health and wellbeing. More detailed information on the activities and services available is also given out via the practice reception.

If your GP or other health professional gives you an ACE/Grow Cardiff slip and you’re not sure what to do next, please give us a call, email or pop into the Dusty Forge for more information.

For more information on the groups, activities and services covered by this initiative please use the links below.

Mental health courses ( – Stress Control – A Stress Management course; ACTion for Living – A course for people who are currently experiencing emotional distress or emotional pain in their lives.

Grow Well – A professionally led community gardening project for supporting physical and mental wellbeing

Community Support – Support with benefit claims, managing debt, saving money on bills, grants for appliances and Foodbank voucher provision.

Getting active in your community – Information on a range of local volunteering opportunities to suit different interests and abilities.

Social groups and activities  – Information on local social groups, clubs and activity sessions, from coffee mornings to arts and woodworking.


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