Ely & Caerau Locality Project


‘To develop a joined-up strategy based on an understanding of what holds children and young people back locally, and the assets and opportunities that can be harnessed to improve their life chances’.

Key Features –

  • Shared vision and priorities
  • Local people at the centre
  • Asset-based
  • Distributed leadership

ACE – Action in Caerau & Ely are working in partnership with Cardiff Council and the Public Service Board to host a multi-agency locality project in Ely & Caerau, based on the Welsh Government Children First model. Children/family problems do not fall into neat boxes and at the moment there isn’t a clear pathway to promote connectivity between organisations and no ‘one place’ for families or workers to go to find information on what’s available and how to access it. Many services are concentrated on people when they are at crisis point rather than focusing on early intervention and prevention.

Poster: from Communities First Attendance Project at Pencaerau Primary School.

Key issues:

  • Services are disjointed; families and other services struggle to find what’s out there and how to access them
  • Lack of communication between services
  • No consistent assessment of need
  • Not dealing with emerging issues effectively – doing the same thing over and over again!
  • Concentrating resources on people when they are at crisis point.

Poster: from Communities First Attendance Project at Millbank Primary School.

Aim – The aim of this project is to develop a more coordinated and collaborative approach to Public, Statutory and Third Sector organisations working together and sharing information, enabling children and their families to get appropriate help before they reach crisis point so that Ely & Caerau will be a place where young people are supported, inspired and empowered to get the best out of life!

  • Community members will be encouraged to be active participants in the design and planning of the project – identifying what is working/not working for them in order to help create a holistic, co-productive approach to tackling issues around poverty. Families will be supported to form community-based solutions to their own identified issues.
  • Using the Harlem ‘Children Zone’ concept in USA, the project will facilitate the coordination of a local easily accessible single point of contact in the heart of the community, engaging with strategic and local partners such as Schools, Children’s Services, Health, Police and most importantly – children, young people and their families. The existing Ely & Caerau Learning Partnership Board (which is well attended by senior management from nine different schools and other key partner organisations) will continue to provide a platform for multi-agency working, identifying best practice, sharing information and discussing barriers to improvement.

Poster: from Communities First Attendance Project at Trelai Primary School.

  • The new Cardiff West Community High School building which is due to open in January 2019 could be the ideal contact point for young people, families and professionals accessing help and support to help improve mental health, well-being and life chances, mitigating the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences. The locality project will align with the new Cardiff Families First Programme from 1st April 2018 – ‘Central Support4Families’ and Early Help Family Support Workers across the city.

Working in partnership with Save the Children UK we are developing a Theory of Change to tackle the link between social disadvantage and children’s outcomes. We want children growing up in disadvantaged areas to get as good a start in life as those in other areas. We aim to achieve this through local systems working effectively to support their development.

Poster: from Communities First Attendance Project at Herbert Thompson School.

Ely & Caerau Theory of Change – 3 things we aim to change or improve :

  1. Children and young people are mentally & emotionally fit for life
  2. Early interventions to ensure children are more ready for school
  3. Integrated, holistic and accessible support for local children and their families

(This is a work in progress, to be confirmed.)

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