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ACE (ACTION IN CAERAU & ELY) is a community developed charity owned and run by the residents of Ely and Caerau in West Cardiff.

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 Our Vision

Our vision is of a happy and healthy community, one characterised by co-operation, equality and social justice.  We believe that everyone who lives in our community has something unique to contribute.  Our 700 members actively participate in turning the vision into a reality.  ACE is a registered charity.


 ACE’s beliefs and approach

ACE beliefs and approach (Committed to Ely & Caerau, working with local people, everyone has something to contribute)  

We base our efforts on the following BELIEFS:

  • Local people know their community best
  • Everyone has something unique to contribute
  • Everyone’s contribution should be valued equally
  • Poverty should not be accepted as a fact of life
  • Social injustice should be challenged and changed


ACE background and history

ACE emerged from community development work carried out through the Welsh Government’s Communities First programme.  Staff and local people had worked together to create a thriving network of active individuals and community groups.  Together they were working hard to improve life in Ely and Caerau and were making significant progress.


The organisation was launched in 2011 to ensure this vital work would continue beyond the end of any government programme.  There was a desire to create a credible organisation, run by local people, that could lead regeneration initiatives and speak with authority to decision makers.


In February 2013 ACE took over the management of Communities First in Cardiff West.  Since then the board of directors have developed a 5 year strategic plan which details how the organisation intends to make real change and become sustainable before the end of the Communities First programme.  ACE has recently employed a part time Development Manager (Dave Horton) to work with the board and membership to ensure this plan becomes a reality.

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